This site is no longer maintained but remains available for historical reference.

The establishment of National Electronic Conveyancing is an initiative of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to provide a single national electronic conveyancing system for use throughout Australia.

Up until January 2010 the National Electronic Conveyancing Office (NECO) was responsible for the development of National Electronic Conveyancing in Australia. In June 2010 NECO ceased to operate and responsibility for development of an electronic conveyancing platform was transferred to National E-Conveyancing Development Ltd (NECDL). Current information about development of their e-conveyancing platform can be found at the NECDL website at

The Australian States and Territories have established the Australian Registrars. National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) to ensure a consistent national approach in the regulation of National Electronic Conveyancing.

Information about ARNECC activities including development of the legal framework to support National Electronic Conveyancing can be found at the ARNECC website at

The information on this site has been nationally consulted by NECO with the conveyancing and lending industry. This content will continue to be a foundation for further development of National Electronic Conveyancing and is retained for historical record purposes.

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